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Karmeleon Do You Cover

Do You

out now!

Silver Lining

(Live Acoustic)

Karmeleon Silver Lining Live Acoustic Cover

Silver Lining

(Live Acoustic)

Karmeleon Silver Lining Cover

Silver Lining

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Karmeleon takes uber-catchy, anthemic synth-pop songs to the next level. Honest lyrics about desire and anxiety, bold melodies that stay in mind and a captivating energy with the guarantee to hype-up every crowd. Touching and uplifting - Karmeleon’s music is made for big arenas.

Born out of the deepest urge to finally share his songs with the world, singer and producer Lars Meyer formed Karmeleon along with friends from Detmold University of Music, Martin Dressler (keys), Jan Konrads (bass) and Simon Westermeier (drums).

Having focussed on song writing and music production for many years and steadily perfecting his craft it was finally time to reveal what he had been working on quietly. In his band mates he found the perfect companions who equally share his love for straight-out electro pop and bring in their own ideas and musical influences, ranging from Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Katy Perry to OneRepublic, Bastille and Coldplay.

Brought into being during the Covid-19 pandemic, Karmeleon are now beginning to play their first live show as rules and regulations start to allow for live performances again. In the mean time they are putting all their time and effort into recording and releasing brand-new material for the world to hear.

The band is expected to attract a lot of attention with their pulsating synths, memorable hooks and big sounding hymns of love, life and heartbreak as they have already shown with their first two singles „Silver Lining“ und „Do You“. Make sure to follow their journey on social media to not miss their next gigs and any new releases because it’s all going to be epic!


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